About Moeror :

Origin : Athens / Lamia
Formed in: 2018
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Nihilism, Depression, Death, Existentialism

Discography :
Sag (EP, 2019)
The Ghosts Of Amour Propre (Full-length, 2020)

Moeror Playlist :

Moeror Official Website :

Moeror Bandcamp :


About Kosmovorous : 

Origin: Greece / Germany
Formed in: 2013
Status: Active 

Lyrical Themes : Esotericism, Occultism, Anti-Christianity 

Discography :
Glorification Sermons (EP, 2020)

Kosmovorous Playlist :

Infernal Throne

About Infernal Throne :

Origin: Corinth
Formed in: 2019
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : War, Torment

Discography : 
Torment (Single, 2020)
Back To The Abyss (EP, 2020)

Infernal Throne Playlist :

Infernal Throne Bandcamp :


About Goat :  

Origin: Ptolemaida
Formed in: 2000
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Extermination, War, Goat

Discography :
Rehearsal 2001 (Demo, 2001)
Rehearsal 2002 (Demo, 2002)
Promo 2020 (Demo, 2020)
Goat (Full-length, 2020)

Goat Playlist :

Goat Bandcamp :

Drama Noir

About Drama Noir : 

Origin: Corinth
Formed in: 2017
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Greek History & Mythology

Discography : 
The Forgotten Warrior (Single, 2018)
Princess Airam (Full-length, 2018)
A Necromancy Lore (Full-length, 2020)

Drama Noir Playlist :

Drama Noir Official Website :

Drama Noir Bandcamp :


About Channeler :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2020
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Darkness, Evokation

Discography :
Conscience (EP, 2020)

Channeler Playlist :

Channeler Bandcamp :


About Archegon : 

Origin: Attica / Voiotia
Formed in: 2017
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Philosophical - Eternal Recycling

Discography : 
Grief Of The Void (EP, 2020)

Archegon Playlist :

Animal Man Machine

About Animal Man Machine :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2020
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Hate, Darkness

Discography :
The Cruelty Of Life (EP, 2020)

Animal Man Machine Playlist :

Animal Man Machine Bandcamp :


Wargrinder - Ironclad Destroyer (EP, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Absolution Through Armored Warfare
02. Ironclad Destroyer
03. At The Third Funerary Bell
04. Plague Descendants
05. Every Land, A Grave

Format : CD (Helter Skelter Productions)

''HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present a brand-new mini-album from WARGRINDER, Ironclad Destroyer, on CD format.

Originally hailing from Athens, Greece, WARGRINDER was founded by extreme metal drummer Warhead in 1999. During the band’s first few years, they recorded four demos with him on bass and vocals. A period of inactivity occurred where Warhead took the time to compose new material, learn to play guitar better, and handle everything by himself. Meanwhile, he recorded or did session drums for a multitude of bands – among them, Perdition Temple and Sadistic Noise. In 2009, the debut The Seal of Genocide was re-recorded. With additional new material to complete the first 2004 draft recording, this debut album was the harbinger of what was to come. Two more albums followed, as well as splits with Iconoclast Contra and now-labelmates HATE MANIFESTO, further perfecting the malignant ‘n’ martial WARGINDER aesthetic.

That aesthetic arguably reaches its apotheosis with the brand-new Ironclad Destroyer. Although “merely” a mini-album, the five songs comprising the 19-minute Ironclad Destroyer is the ideal schematic for the slicing, surging style of deathened black metal WARGRINDER play. With tangible aspects of Angelcorpse, Profanatica, and classic Marduk detectable – not to mention their homeland’s noble tradition of black metal – WARGRINDER seamlessly blend these scathing influences into something uniquely their own. The ultraviolence is palpable here, but is delivered with such confident, almost-cruising aplomb, Ironclad Destroyer swiftly destroys the listener with absolute ease. And while we’re loathe to use the term “catchy,” WARGRINDER nevertheless evince something close that across this mini-album, with each of these militant warheads.''

Wargrinder Bandcamp :

Wargrinder Facebook :

Helter Skelter Productions Website :

Helter Skelter Productions Bandcamp :

Helter Skelter Productions Facebook :


Spectral Lore / Mare Cognitum - Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine (Split, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Spectral Lore - Mercury (The Virtuous)
02. Mare Cognitum - Mars (The Warrior)
03. Spectral Lore - Earth (The Mother)
04. Mare Cognitum - Venus (The Priestess)
05. Mare Cognitum - Jupiter (The Giant)
06. Spectral Lore - Saturn (The Rebel)
07. Mare Cognitum - Neptune (The Mystic)
08. Spectral Lore - Uranus (The Fallen)
09. Mare Cognitum / Spectral Lore - Pluto (The Gatekeeper) Part I: Exodus Though The Frozen Wastes
10. Mare Cognitum / Spectral Lore - Pluto (The Gatekeeper) Part II: The Astral Bridge

Format : CD, Vinyl (Entropic Recordings)

''Veterans from countless successful releases including a seminal split album (“Sol”, 2013) that cemented their friendship and earned them unconditioned esteem and love from the atmospheric black metal aficionados, SPECTRAL LORE's sole member Ayloss and Jacob Buczarski from MARE COGNITUM join forces once again for another mystical trip through the stars. Monumental and daring in its length and scope, "Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine" is a thematic journey through our solar system, illustrating and anthropomorphizing it into mythology which parallels our own humanity with the science of these mysterious formations.

“Inspired by Gustav Holst's Planets suite, we continue the exploration we began many years ago with 'Sol',” explain the artists; “we traverse outwards from the sun to each planet, weaving fables through a synthesis of their distinct physical features and a mythical personhood representing these features.”

Graced with a wondrous cover painting by the inimitable Elijah Tamu, “Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine” is nothing but a never ending quest for mankind's cosmic origins, a celestial and philosophical observation on the notes of MARE COGNITUM and SPECTRAL LORE's music, perfectly in the balance between progressive yet furious black metal, and moments of ecstatic, melodic beauty.
“While we wish to capture the awe of the raw, natural beauty of our cosmic surroundings, we have also created our own cosmically inspired lore with each planet as our muse,” say Ayloss and Buczarski; ”therefore, each track is a narrative which represents our admiration for each cosmic entity: the psychic manifestations that were conjured through our own wonder of the majestic planetary system we call home''

Spectral Lore Bandcamp :

Spectral Lore Facebook :

Entropic Recordings Bandcamp :

Sørgelig - Sørgelig (EP, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Intro
02. The Bastard Son Of Pestilence
03. Faces Of Disgust
04. Below The Ashes

Format : CD (Perkun Records) , Cassette (Nihilistische KlangKunst)

Sørgelig Bandcamp :

Sørgelig Facebook :

Perkun Records Bandcamp :

Χειμώνας - Χειμώνας (Full-length, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Το Τίμημα
02. Νεκροφάνεια
03. Côte-des-Neiges
04. Μετανεωτερική Αισθητική Θανάτου
05. Η Γέννηση, Η Ακμή Και Η Παρακμή Του Δυτικού Παραδείγματος

Format : Digital (Himonas Bandcamp)

Χειμώνας Bandcamp :

Χειμώνας Facebook :

Nox Formulae - Drakon Darshan Satan (Full-length, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Psychopath Of NOX
02. Ravens Of Terror
03. Eclipse Of Gharrasielh
04. The Black Stone Of Satan
05. The Blood Oath Of Thagirion
06. The Arrival Of Noctifer
07. Berzeks Of OD
08. Eve of Annihilation

Format : CD, Vinyl (Dark Descent Records)

''The Red Black Clan of Nox Formulae returns with their second sonic grimoire of Higher Black Magic. Delving deeper into the Draconian Universe and the Shadow Current emanating from the hidden and relatively unexplored realms of the Qlipha of the Concealers, Satariel, Archon of which is the second face of Lucifer, the Mighty King Lucifuge Rofocale.

DRAKON - DARSHAN - SATAN is based -music and lyric wise- on the grimoire At the Outskirts of the Shadow Current: The Dark Initiation in this lifetime by Daemon Gharrassielh and all those Dark Traditions offered by the Red Dragon to humanity.

DRAKON - DARSHAN - SATAN is a musical outcome of actual experiences that took place both on the physical and spiritual planes during the time years 2015-2019. The Shadow Allies are here, welcome the Arrival of Noctifer!''

Nox Formulae Facebook :

Dark Descent Records Website :

Dark Descent Records Bandcamp :

Liturgy Of Desecration - Traverese The Threshold Of Blasphemia (EP, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Antichrist's Arrival (Intro)
02. Anal Parturition Of Theotokos
03. Humanity Is Cursed
04. Order XII XV IV
05. Paramilitary Satanic Debauchery
06. Raise The Banners Of Desecration

Format : CD (Unholy Distro)

Liturgy Of Desecration Bandcamp :

Unholy Distro Facebook :



About Utkena :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2019
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Self, Nature, Death

Discography :
The Firmament's Hand (EP, 2019)
Nex Fornix (Full-length, 2020)

Utkena Playlist :

Utkena Bandcamp :

Deus Infestus

About Deus Infestus :

Origin: Thiva
Formed in: 2010
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Darkness, Self

Discography :
Swansongs For This Stillborn Race (EP, 2010)

Deus Infestus Playlist :


About Zaratus :

Origin: Athens / Ioannina
Formed in: 2019
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Darkness, Rituals

Discography :
The Descent (EP, 2019)

Zaratus Playlist :


About Sores :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2017
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Misanthropy, Hate, Depression

Discography :
Demo I (Demo, 2017)
Demo II (Demo, 2017)
Sores (Full-length, 2019)

Sores Playlist :

Sores Bandcamp :


About Feeble :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2019
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Darkness, Rituals

Discography :
Forbidden Ritual (Full-length, 2019)

Feeble Playlist :

Feeble Bandcamp :


Yoth Iria - Under His Sway (EP, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Under His Sway
02. Sid-Ed-Djinn
03. Visions of the Dead Lover (Rotting Christ Cover)

Format : CD (Cult Never Dies), Vinyl, Cassette (Repulsive Echo Records)

''Yoth Iria - The return of the greatest ones. A massive comeback from the duet, which developed and pioneered the underground scene back in the day. Jim AKA Mutilator was the first bassist and a founding member of the Greek black metal band Rotting Christ. He was also the first bassist in Varathron. He appears on both Rotting Christ's Thy Mighty Contract and Varathron's His Majesty at the Swamp, two of Hellenic black metal's most recognised and defining albums. He also participated in the most impoportant black metal tour back in the day, which included Blasphemy, Immortal and Rotting Christ. He left Varathron in 1993, shortly after their full-length debut. He did two more albums with Rotting Christ, Non Serviam and Triarchy of the Lost Lovers before leaving in 1996. However, he contributed lyrics to Rotting Christ all the way up until the Sleep of the Angels album. In 1985, at the age of 14, he started a band called Black Church with the Tolis brothers. Two years later the trio went on to form Rotting Christ. George AKA Magus Wampyr Daoloth , The Magus or Morbid is a Greek musician and producer, mostly known for his work in the Greek black and death metal scenes. His mostly known for his collaboration with bands such as Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord and many more. He is credited for shaping the ''Hellenic sound'' of black & death metal. George Emmanuel, owner of Pentagram studios adds his talent with a 6-string majestic performance and his experience as an ex member of Rotting Christ. Fasten your seatbelts, the time has come, prepare yourself for the purest of Metal, the darkest of Magic and a hell of our Freedom.''

Yoth Iria Bandcamp :

Yoth Iria Facebook :

Repulsive Echo Records Website :

Cult Never Dies Website :

Kawir - Adrasteia / Αδράστεια (Full-length, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Tydeus
02. Atalanti
03. Danaides
04. Limniades
05. Colchis
06. Medea

Format : CD, Vinyl, Cassette (Iron Bonehead Productions)

''IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present KAWIR's highly anticipated eighth album, Adrasteia, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

For over 25 years now, KAWIR have been one of the unsung pillars of the classic Greek black metal sound. While the names Rotting Christ, Varathron, and Necromantia are incredibly important to that style's foundation, it was KAWIR who kept the faith during the '90s and into the new millennium. In 1994, the then-young band released two pivotal 7"s, Eumenides and a split with Japan's Sigh - on the pivotal Cacophonous Records, no less - and then followed those up in 1996 with the To Cavirs MLP, which is the first truly pagan-oriented record to hail from the Greek black metal scene. With that mini-album, KAWIR set about on a Hellenistic crusade to celebrate their native gods and mythology in their lyrics and sartorial presentation. From the late '90s onward, the band continued to remain prolific, perpetually committed to fine-tuning their idiosyncratic craft, culminating in underground classics Arai (2005) and Ophiolatreia (2008). Although 2012's Ισόθεος featured a cross-continental lineup, the album further solidified KAWIR's status as unique icons in the black metal underground.

Come 2016, however, KAWIR aligned with longtime fans IRON BONEHEAD and released their first album through the label, the massively acclaimed Father Sun Mother Moon. That album saw KAWIR return to an all-Greek lineup and recast their classic sound in a whole new light, and continued that forward momentum the next year with the fiery Exilasmos. If the 64-minute Father Sun Mother Moon was the sound of KAWIR indulging their most epic expanses - always with power and poignancy, it must be said - then the 42-minute Exilasmos was its punchier and more restless counterpart. Taken together, both these albums for IRON BONEHEAD formed an exciting new chapter in the ongoing KAWIR saga, and suitably saw the band reach a whole new generation of fans, their fire seemingly inexhaustible and a veritable fountain of youth.

Perhaps not surprisingly, that fountain overfloweth with KAWIR's eighth album, Adrasteia. Although three years separate this and its full-length predecessor, Adrasteia amazingly brims with an urgency that's simply startling for a band of such veteran status. Upon its first few resounding notes, Adrasteia is immediately and engagingly KAWIR - and as the ceremonial slow-burn of opening track "Tydeus" builds, anticipation is set exceedingly high, these Greeks working a simmering spell of sumptuous splendor. The track segues into a heroic march by its latter third, with that ever-so-enticing Hellenic mysticism taking root, before the fury fully begins with the following "Atalanti." Indeed, that fury doesn't relent for the remainder of Adrasteia, but KAWIR carefully keep their pacing nuanced and dynamic, with each of these six characteristically cascading tracks unveiling a breathtaking landscape of sonic peaks and valleys.

But, as ever with KAWIR, the sonic portrait they paint is imbued with a deep lyricism hailing the Greek pantheon. In the case of Adrasteia, its namesake is the goddess of female revenge, and honorably does the album's lyrical concept focus on heroic women and the cruelty around them. For this unique and tasteful exploration, KAWIR here have gathered together a whole host of incredible guests, including Macabre Omen mainman Alexandros on all clean vocals, the ethereal Norwegian voice of Lindy-Fay Hella on the stark 'n' haunting "Colchis," and Melechesh's Ashmedi giving a guitar solo on "Danaides."

Altogether, Adrasteia makes for KAWIR's most quintessentially Greek album in many years - ever longer may their pantheon reign!''

Iron Bonehead Productions Website :

Iron Bonehead Productions Bandcamp :

Empire Of The Moon - Eclipse / Έκλειψις (Full-length, 2020)

Tracklist :

01. Arrival
02. Imperium Tridentis
03. Per Aspera ad Lunae - I. The Resonance Within
04. Per Aspera ad Lunae - II. Two Queens Appear
05. Per Aspera ad Lunae - III. Descending
06. Devi Maha Devi
07. Per Aspera ad Lunae - IV. Ο Υιός Της Φωτιάς

Format : CD, Vinyl, Cassette (Iron Bonehead Productions)

''IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present EMPIRE OF THE MOON's highly anticipated second album, ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Ancient and forever, EMPIRE OF THE MOON have been lingering ominously within the pantheon of classic Greek black metal since 1996. The band's first demo, 1997's For the Ancient Light of Sinn, is a short-length spectre of splendorous mysticism revered by fervent worshippers of the traditional Hellenic form. But, as with many matters concerning Greek classicism, EMPIRE OF THE MOON soon became a study of patience and perseverance, as it took nearly two decades for the band's next according to arrive. During the interim, naturally, its members were busy with other well-respected cults like Chaosbaphomet and Wampyrinacht.

When that recording did arrive, in 2014, it was EMPIRE OF THE MOON's first full-length, and what a statement it was: titled Πανσέληνος (or "Full Moon" in English), it transcended all the powerful promise of that first demo, its distant lunar shores a breathtaking landscape of timeless black metal majesty. It was a sound firmly rooted in ancient times, and so authentically antiquated was its push 'n' pull that it was actually far fresher than most "black metal" around it.

While six years is still a considerable amount of time for most bands, EMPIRE OF THE MOON aren't like most bands; they will their creations into being when inspiration strikes, when the stars are aligned. Alas, a total solar eclipse occurs as the moon completely covers the sun's disk, and thus does the time approach for a new chapter in the ongoing saga of EMPIRE OF THE MOON: their long-awaited second album, ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ.

Tellingly translated to "Eclipse" in English, ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ indeed eclipses anything the band has done to date - which is considerable, to say the least, with their axiom being quality over quantity. Utterly expansive despite its fairly compact runtime of 40 minutes, here do EMPIRE OF THE MOON unfurl a regal, stargazing statement of interstellar black metal. Atmosphere and aggression find the perfect balance across ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ, symbiotically in harmony much in the way an eclipse complements a full moon. Its seven, interlinked songs create a canvas of mystery and mysticism, breathing the same ancient air EMPIRE OF THE MOON always have, but here rendered in remarkably gleaming form, with a production that's polished yet powerful, fully befitting their grand visions. As always, the spectral synths of S.V. Mantus imbue ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ with an otherworldly aspect that's uniquely their own.

Hark! For the stars of the unlight sounds, interstellar clouds of occult lyrical concept, and fiery traditional emblems are now channeled in order! To manifest their esoteric visions to those with eyes to see, EMPIRE OF THE MOON hereby present their grandest statement yet with ΕΚΛΕΙΨΙΣ - the imperial moonlight will shine again! ''

Empire Of The Moon Bandcamp :

Empire Of The Moon Facebook :

Iron Bonehead Productions Website :

Iron Bonehead Productions Bandcamp :



About Nihilsect :

Origin: Volos
Formed in: 2019
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Nihilism, Corruption, Life

Discography :
Verge Of Collapse (EP, 2019)

Nihilsect Playlist :

Nihilsect Bandcamp :


About Tristengrav :

Origin: Patra
Formed in: 2017
Status: On Hold

Lyrical Themes : Satanism, Mysticism

Discography :
I - Incendiarism Of Nous (Demo, 2018)
II - Nychavge (EP, 2019)

Tristengrav Playlist :

Tristengrav Bandcamp :

Enthroned Serpent

About Enthroned Serpent :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2008
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Theosis, Psychology, Occultism, Esotericism

Discography :
Ancient Witchcraft (Demo, 2016)
Towards The Unknown (EP, 2018)

Enthroned Serpent Playlist :

Enthroned Serpent Bandcamp :

Yoth Iria

About Yoth Iria :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2019
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Romantic Satanism

Discography :
Under His Sway (EP, 2020)

Yoth Iria Playlist :

Yoth Iria Official Videoclip :

Yoth Iria Bandcamp :


About Arkhangelsk :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2015
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Esoteric, Death, Chaos

Discography :
Arkhangelsk (EP, 2016)
Advent (Full-length, 2019)

Arkhangelsk Playlist :

Arkhangelsk Bandcamp :


About Sørgelig :

Origin: Volos
Formed in: 2017
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Darkness, Alcohol, Misanthropy

Discography :
Forever Lost (EP, 2017)
Apostate (Full-length, 2018)
Devoted To Nothingness (EP, 2019)
We, The Oblivious (Full-length, 2019)

Sørgelig Playlist :

Sørgelig Bandcamp :



About Synteleia :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2015
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Cthulhu Mythos

Discography :
Astral Blasphemies (Demo, 2016)
Ending Of The Unknown Path (Full-length, 2019)

Synteleia Playlist :

Synteleia Bandcamp :


Aima (Aiμα)

About Aima (Aiμα) :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 2010
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Blood, Occultism

Discography :
Aiμα (Demo, 2012)
Σάρκα (EP, 2014)
Blood Chalices From The Impure (Split, 2017)
Tragos (Full-length, 2019)

Aima (Aiμα) Playlist :



About Ambrotos :

Origin: Patra (Greece) / Guadalajara (Mexico)
Formed in: 2017
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Pre-Socratic Philosophy & Ideas

Discography :
Άμβροτος (EP, 2018)
Cosmic Annulus (EP, 2019)

Ambrotos Playlist :

Ambrotos Bandcamp :

Ambrotos Official Website :




About Deviser :

Origin: Crete / Piraeus / Athens
Formed in: 1989
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Abstract, Occultism, Other worlds, Lovecraft

Discography :
Forbidden Knowledge (Demo, 1990)
Psychic Completion (Demo, 1990)
The Revelation of Higher Mysteries (EP, 1994)
Unspeakable Cults (Full-length, 1996)
Thy Blackest Love (Demo, 1996)
Transmission to Chaos (Full-length, 1998)
Running Sore (Full-length, 2002)
Thy Blackest Love (The Early Years) (Compilation, 2003)
Seasons of Darkness (Full-length, 2011)
Howling Flames (EP, 2017)

Deviser Playlist :