Macabre Omen

About Macabre Omen :

Origin: Rhodes
Formed in: 1994
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : War, Death, Hellenic Pride

Discography :
Before Darkness (Demo, 1995)
Olympus (Demo, 1996)
Macabre Omen/God Blood (Split, 1997)
The Past, Is The Future, Of The Present (Split, 1999)
None Shall Escape The Wrath (Split, 2000)
We Won With War (Split, 2001)
The Ancient Returns (Full-length, 2005)
Two Years Standing Proud In Valhalla (Split, 2006)
Three Years Standing Proud In Valhalla (Split, 2007)
Gods of War - At War (Full-length, 2015)

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