Legion Of Doom

About Legion Of Doom :

Origin: Athens
Formed in: 1990
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Paganism, Mysticism, Anti-christianity

Discography :

Doom (Demo, 1991)
Beyond The Chaos/Doom (Split, 1992)
Passage Through...The Circle (Split, 1993)
Ancient Knowledge (Demo, 1993)
The Desecration (Demo, 1994)
Kingdom Of Endless Darkness (Full-length, 1995)
For Those Of The Blood (Full-length, 1997)
A Decade Of Darkness And Blood (Compilation, 2000)
Chariots Of Thunder (EP, 2004)
God Is Dead (Full-length, 2005)
Kinaidos (Split, 2006)
Brotherhood Of Drakkonian Royal Blood (Split, 2007)
Crossing The Bloodliness Of Left Hand Path (Split, 2007)
The Horned Made Flesh (Full-length, 2008)
Spinning Galaxies (Split, 2008)
The Summoning of Shadows (Full-length, 2012)
The Tyrant with the Seven Heads (EP, 2014)
Unholy Hellenic Black Metal (Boxed set, 2017)
Ceremony of Domination (Compilation, 2018)

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