About Darkthule :

Origin: Epirus
Formed in: 2002
Status: Active

Lyrical Themes : Aryan Pride (early), Paganism, Nature, Folklore

Discography :
Summon Thee… (Demo, 2002)
Awakening Of The Ancient Past (Demo, 2002)
The Coming From The Past (Demo, 2003)

Nation Honour Destiny (Split, 2004)
Summon Thee To Awake The Ancient Past (Demo, 2004)
Beyond The Endless Horizons (Full-length, 2004)
Magna Europa Est Patria Nostra (Split, 2005)
Wolforder (Full-length, 2005)
Revolution Of Souls (EP, 2005)
In The Sight Of Dawn (EP, 2006)

Darkthule/The Shadow Order/Frostkrieg (Split, 2010)
Dawn of Division/Darkthule (Split, 2012)
Arktoy Oryge (Compilation, 2014)
Amongst Primordial Ruins (Split, 2015)

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